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Added Sparkle

Added Sparkle Dimond Shine Plus

Added Sparkle Dimond Shine Plus

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Avalable in 500ml and 1 Litre Bottles

Diamond Shine Plus Pure Water Additive is designed specifically for the window cleaning industry to give you better cleaning results.

During the design and production stages of Diamond Shine this product has been tested at every step of the way by a selected team of professional window cleaners to ensure the best quality product to aid you in your day to day window cleaning.

Diamond Shine Plus has been formulated with increased foaming action within the formula which in turn creates more bubbles for those of you that like to see the bubble action.

Diamond Shine Plus benefits.

Helps your brush to move around the glass more smoothly due to less friction enabling faster cleaning.

Also the glass becomes more Hydrophillic which in turn creates a sheeting effect on the glass to aid with better rinsing and less spotting.

Does not alter the waters TDS

Faster Rinsing.

Aids in the softening and removal of bird poo and your friendly garden snail trails.



Dilution Rate
1:100,000 that equates to 1ml of Diamond Shine to every 100 litres of water but more can be added up to 4ml per 100 litres of water.

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