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Chemical Deep Clean Starter Kit

Chemical Deep Clean Starter Kit

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A complete portable solution for chemical application, This backpack holds up to 16 Litres and is capable of pumping at up to 40-60psi.

This kit includes 65º & 90º fan jet nozzles, and 5mm hosing, allowing you to quickly covers large surface areas. It is ideal for use on:

  • Play areas and children’s parks

  • Shop Fronts

  • High traffic pedestrian areas e.g building entrances, walkways, external seating

  • Shopping trolleys

  • Train Stations / bus stations / bus stops

  • Car parks

  • Many more suitable applications.

This Kit Includes:

  • 16l pro tool backpack

  • 10m of Hose

  • Chemical Assult Nozzle with key ring       

  • Hose Tail to hose lock 

  • 6inch Long reach angle adapter 

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