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Domestic Waterfed Window Cleaning Kit

Domestic Waterfed Window Cleaning Kit

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Proper water-fed window cleaning relies on purifying your water or de-ionising it. This is achieved by running your water through de-ionising resin in a pressure vessel.  This kit will enable you to purify your water instantly as you supply it to your pole.

Kit includes the following:

Main equipment:
1 x 11L Resin Vessel, complete full of resin
1 x 30m Reinforced PVC hose
1 x 18ft Glass Fibre SOT-LITE V2 Water Fed Pole, complete with brush head, angle adaptor, tubing and anti-snag connector

Fittings included:
1 x Tap Adaptor (has 3/4" and 1/2" attachment) for most standard garden taps 
1 x Water-stop connector to connect your tap
1 x Pole control valve (this goes at the end of your garden hose to connect to your pole tubing)
1 x TDS Meter (This is to test the purity of your water and let you know when you need to change it)
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