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Dual Trim Brush With Pencil Jets

Dual Trim Brush With Pencil Jets

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A Bright yellow brush head with Nylon bristles. This brush head features an angled stock that allows you to clean the window and sill at the same time. This brush gives great coverage and features stiff bristles to remove stubborn dirt 

Comes With 4 Pencil jets, is fitted with  angled euro thread socket to connect to your pole.

  • Available In 10" & 12'' 

  • Extra long Bristles 6cm

  • Stiff grey inner bristles  for additional scrubbing power

  • Suitable for use with windows, gutters, soffits or fascias

  • Suitable for all weathers and use with hot or cold water systems

  • Weight: Approx 10'' 380g 12'' 510g including fittings and hose

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