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FaceLift FireBlade Multi Pouch + Tool Belt

FaceLift FireBlade Multi Pouch + Tool Belt

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A sturdy nylon utility pouch and tool belt bundle. The robust nylon pouch comes with two primary compartments, a velcro pocket on the front to store small items, and a concealed zip pocket on the reverse. The pouch can be quickly and securely fastened to the belt using the velcro flap. 

The tool belt included is made of strong, snag-resistant webbing and includes a quick-release buckle. The toolbelt has two additional loops allowing you to conveniently hold two additional hand tools such as a squeegee or washer.

  • Two Primary Pockets for Damp & Dry Cloths

  • Concealed Rear Pocket with Zip & Front Pocket with Velcro Access

  • Rigid tool belt with strong snag resistant webbing

  • Tool belt fits waist up to 44''

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