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Maykker Holster of 24 soft squeegee rubbers

Maykker Holster of 24 soft squeegee rubbers

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Maykker Round Top Soft Squeegee Rubber, High profile and soft for the perfect closing. 

24 pieces in a re-usable and adjustable HDPE container with a twist lock system for perfect storage.

This replacement blade features a shorter profile and utilizes the highest quality raw rubber materials. Maykker knows the importance of control when it comes to professional cleaning. Don’t let longer profiles slow you down. This short squeegee blade allows you to discover the angles that eliminate missed spots, streaks on glass, and inflexible positions. Reaching just far enough out of the squeegee channel, close-out frames, and precisely tackle corners.


Tested and confirmed to fit: 

Ettore Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel

Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Channel

Ettore Super Squeegee Channel

Moerman Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel

Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel

Pulex Brass Squeegee Channel

Pulex TechnoLite Stainless Steel Squeegee Channel

Unger Brass Squeegee Channel

Unger S Squeegee Channel

Unger S Plus Squeegee Channel

Unger Ninja Aluminum Squeegee Channel

Wagtail Slimline Squeegee Channel

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