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Moerman Drywalker Flex complete

Moerman Drywalker Flex complete

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Drywalker Flex complete - includes :

- Drywalker Flex base

- Drywalker Flex add-on bucket

- Drywalker Flex add-on squeegee holder

- Drywalker Flex drip catcher


No one really enjoys cleaning windows with wet legs. It will make it harder for your muscles to operate at their optimum and your performance can suffer as a result. Drywalker Flex is the Moerman ingenuity to succeed in not only creating the best conditions to keep your legs dry but also to properly organise your work gear. Packing your Bucket-on-a-belt has never been so easy. It’s adaptable to whatever window cleaning job you’re performing.

The clever storage compartments in the Drywalker Flex combines practical and elegance in a contemporary design. Drywalker Flex is modular, detachable and water-proof. This Bucket-on-a-belt will keep your squeegees and applicators more accessible.


Customise your own Drywalker Flex, show off your wanderlust and share your adventures. The choice is yours: a double squeegee holder or squeegee holder with bucket.


The Drywalker Flex comes in one package with:

Drywalker Flex base

Drywalker Flex add-on bucket

Drywalker Flex add-on squeegee holder


For the ultimate experience you can also choose to wear two: one on each side and all your gear is at first hand!


Drywalker Flex base = 1 back squeegee holder with reservoir to be combined with:

- 1 bucket readily accessible for 2 applicators and 2 squeegees

- 1 front “squeegenius” system to carry 4 squeegees


Drywalker Flex drip catcher = Compartmentalise reservoir

- baffled system to break down the magnitude of forces

- transparent: to visually check the level of water

- no surplus weight 


Highly manoeuvrable design avoids:

- hitting your legs when walking

- getting in the way when bending down on your knees.


100% dry leg system

Realised in highly abrasion-resistant and lightweight materials.

Easy slide locking system

Lightweight: 470 gr / 16.5 oz

Easy release slide buttons

Accommodates most squeegees & applicators in the market

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