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Moerman Gekko Pad Holder

Moerman Gekko Pad Holder

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Swivel head pad holder to fit Moerman extension poles and adapters. This cleaning head fits Steel Wool, Microfibre or Fugu pads with velcro backing and corner pockets.

The Gekko Pad holder swivels through a full 360 ° with an adjustable angle from 0° to 60°, making it ideal for high or hard to reach spots. 

  • Fits & fixes securely to all Moerman extension poles and adapters
  • Customisable friction with self-locking hexagon nut 
  • Incl. replacement kit with hexagon nut and Allen key

  • 360° pivoting solid aluminium light-weight trapezoid plate

  • Adjustable angles: 0° +15° +30° +45° +60°

  • Ideal for high, low and hard to reach spots

  • Can be used in hand or on extension poles

  • Trapezium plate with 2 flexible end caps for proper force distribution

  • Trapezoidal design for easy access into all corners

  • total length 32.5cm

  • Easy assembling: featuring 2 corner pockets and 2 velcro straps on each pad

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