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Solar panel cleaning kit with DI resin and pole

Solar panel cleaning kit with DI resin and pole

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This kit makes pure water instantly to clean windows spot free: you plug your tap water to the canister, which is filled with purifying or De-Ionising Resin, and then you connect the outlet on the canister to the water fed pole and you are ready to start working! You can check the purity of the water with the TDS meter to make sure it's always 0 ppm.It's as simple as that!Ideal to clean solar panelsRecommended Features for a complete solar panel cleaning kit:

  • 11L DI Vessel full of DI resin (these have a wider base which is more stable if you are intending to set up your system outside or if you want to move it around)
  • 27ft SPOT-LITE Fibreglass water fed pole with an solar brush
  • TDS meter
  • 30m reinforced PVC hose - this is to connect your canister to the tap and your pole
  • Tap adapter - this has a 1/2" and 3/4" female thread depending on the thread on your tap!
  • Waterstop Connector to connect your tap
  • Pole control valve: this goes on the end of your 1/2" hose to connect to the pole tubing via the aluminium hoselock adaptor
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