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SPOT-LITE V2 Glass Fibre water-fed Pole

SPOT-LITE V2 Glass Fibre water-fed Pole

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Spot-Lite Glass-Fibre Waterfed Pole

  • Glass Fibre - The most economical day-to-day pole for most standard ground and first floor properties. A short pole like this will in fact often earn the majority of your income as a window cleaner.
  • Lightweight - Still only 1.2 Kg for an 18ft bare pole!
  • Price - Fantastic value!

Fibre-Glass pole

You will notice the high level of workmanship and quality materials used to make a pole that will last. Fibre Glass poles are known for being heavier but this is still an exceptionally light pole for its size.

Compact sections

Our 18ft pole has a compressed size of only 4'9". A short pole is very convenient to use and easy to work with when you need to continually adjust the length.

Strong clamps

Small yet strong clamps with a lateral lever creating further weight savings and improved ease of use. Clamps are quick to adjust with a simple mechanism, without the need for tools.

Length Collapsed length Weight Sections
4ft / 1.32m 2.5ft / 0.75m 0.31Kg 2
10ft / 3.11m 3.7ft / 1.17m 0.60Kg 3
13ft / 4.05m 4.9ft / 1.50m 0.80Kg 3
18ft / 5.23m 4.8ft / 1.45m 1.15Kg 4
22ft / 6.40m 4.8ft / 1.45m 1.45Kg 5
27ft / 8.10m 5.1ft / 1.55m 1.90Kg 6
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