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Spotless WFP Systems

Spotless Rectus 21 Protector

Spotless Rectus 21 Protector

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Tired of your Rectus 21 and/or hose clip getting stuck on absolutely everything, popping apart on their own and having to replace them way too often? 

  • Protects the expensive Rectus 21 and O-rings from damage
  • Edgeless design. Actually pulls around corners, And doesn't get stuck in the tiniest of gaps in whatever it finds
  • Stops O-rings cutting hands or gloves
  • Screw together design for easy pole changes
  • TPU material for flexibility and strength
  • Blue in Colour

Available for both Microbore (6mm Internal Diameter / 11.4 Outer Diameter) and Minibore (8mm I.D/13.5 O.D). The pole hose side will suit any pole hose with a maximum diameter of 9mm which covers both 'standard' and reinforced pole hoses.

Both the micro and mini bore versions come included with one pole side protector. If you have multiple poles and would like more than one of the pole ends we do now offer the pole ends on their own
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