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Unger ErgoTec Advanced Kit 3 in 1

Unger ErgoTec Advanced Kit 3 in 1

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The UNGER 3-in-1 window cleaning kit - professional products for beginners and professional window cleaners

It contains the 35 cm high-quality ErgoTec professional window squeegee with green rubber; outstanding gliding properties for streak-free window cleaning, as well as the 35 cm ErgoTec T-bar with power microfibre sleeve and integrated water wells.

In addition, the kit contains the practical professional bucket with 18l content, side storage areas.

This kit includes UNGER branded work tools that professional window cleaners all over the world trust.

All professional UNGER quality tools as well as components such as rubber strips and wash-in material are also available individually and can be expanded with accessories.

Top quality and perfect handling are just two reasons why the UNGER ErgoTec range is so popular. Cleaning professionals do not want to compromise, especially with larger glass surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly.

Perfect for professional and commercial window cleaners and private users with professional demands.


1 X Unger 18L Bucket with accessories
Complete ErgoTec Power washer 14"/35cm
Complete ErgoTec window squeegee with green rubber 14"/35cm
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