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Unger HydroPower Quick-Change Resin Bags 6Ltr 4 Pack

Unger HydroPower Quick-Change Resin Bags 6Ltr 4 Pack

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The ingenious QuickChange Resin Bags allow users to speed up the resin change process by up to 10 times - simply remove the bag with expired resin and insert a new one. Each bag is made from a water-permeable material and contains a pre-proportioned amount of Unger High Capacity Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin. Supplied in a re-sealable airtight bucket.

· No more time-consuming emptying, rinsing and filling up of narrow filter vessels.

· No need to change the resin in advance before it has fully expired - QuickChange Resin Bags give you the flexibility to do this at exactly the right time, in seconds.

· The pre-proportioned size of QuickChange Resin Bags allows you to purchase and use only the exact amount of resin that you need. Packed for ease of storage and transportation.

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