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Water Softener Kit with Salt

Water Softener Kit with Salt

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Ready to go out the box, this kit is designed to be used in hard water areas to extend the life of your reverse osmosis system.

Included is an 18″ x 6″ vessel full of ion exchange softening resin, a softener regeneration filter, and 10kg of softener regeneration salt.

Based on an inlet TDS of 100 the softener will treat approximately 2250 litres of water before it requires regeneration.

Supplied complete with hoselock type connectors to join into 1/2″ hose and operating/maintenance instructions.

How it works: Tap water flows through the smaller 10″ filter first and then through the larger blue vessel which contains softener resin. Softener resin in itself does not purify water, instead it replaces calcium and magnesium ions (minerals that cause limescale) in the water with sodium ions which reverse osmosis (RO) systems are more effective at removing, making your RO run more efficiently, often faster and prolonging the life of your RO membrane.

There is a limit to how much water the resin can process before it needs to be regenerated to continue to be effective. This limit is determined by how hard your water is and we include a guide to calculate it.

To regenerate the resin the first and smaller filter cartridge is filled with salt, the softener is disconnected from the RO and water is run through as normal. All output is discarded at this stage until all the salt has dissolved and passed through the softener resin. Once this has been completed the resin is regenerated and can be reconnected to the RO.

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